Are You Looking for Sublease Agreement

The use of the word sub before any word may seem to take away the punch from it, and you may think the same logic is applicable to sublease agreement too. If you are thinking so, then you are wrong. The case is a bit different here.

This special type of agreement allows one to lease, the property that he/she has taken on lease, to a third party. It means, if you have taken a building on lease from someone, you can lease that building out to a third party and reap the benefit. It can prove really helpful.

For instance if you want to take a car on a lease, you can contact a relevant person and have one. You will have the agreement to protect you legally. Then if, you are interested in some extra income, you can legally lease it out to a third party with the legal procedure called sublease agreement.

This system is not much popular in the vehicle industry, but if you want you can make this work and bear profit for you. If you lease the car, to a traveller or a person who is visiting your neighborhood for a short stint you will have profit. As the third party will be responsible for any damage during the period mentioned in the agreement, you will be free from worries.

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